Kodi 19.3 ‘Matrix’ is now available for Download and Install

Kodi 19.3 ‘Matrix’ [Download Here]- Kodi 19.3 ‘Matrix’ is now available for Download and Install for Windows, Linux, Android, Raspberry Pi, macOS, iOS

Kodi 19.3 ‘Matrix’

Kodi 19.3 ‘Matrix’ is now available to download; Finally, a new update arrived a mere two weeks after Kodi 19.2 rolled out. Here are the new updates for the popular home theater software– Kodi 19.3 ‘Matrix’ is now available as a native application for Android, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, and Windows operating systems (Download & Install).
The new Kodi 19.3 ‘Matrix’ update brings many changes however, the developers classified some challenges with the Xbox release, and rather than just rolling out a fix for that they decided to address issues found across other platforms and, in their own words, “go for it” and issue a point release.

Kodi 19.3 ‘Matrix’ Updates

A full list of Kodi 19.3 ‘Matrix’ changes can be found on the Kodi Foundation’s GitHub page but here are some of the main fixes listed by the team:
  • We’ve had some challenges getting the Xbox version released because of some specific platform requirements needed for 4k/HEVC playback. With the help of @CelesAtXbox (thanks so much!), we think we’ve now genuinely got those covered to Microsoft’s satisfaction, and can finally get this into the Windows Store.
  • There’s also an issue with an expired certificate for 18.9 on Xbox, which effectively takes that version off that platform for new installations, so timing is opportune to fix that.
  • There’s been a long-standing Atmos audio issue on all platforms that support TrueHD passthrough – we know that this has been irritating people for some time, and we’ve now been able to fix this.
  • We unintentionally introduced a bug in 19.2 that broke Airplay, so we’ve fixed that one.
  • A couple of gaming-related fixes, notably a controller fix and some shader issues on Retroplayer.
  • We’ve fixed a bug that affected thumbnails for watched episodes when hiding episode spoilers.
  • We’ve much improved the metadata shown in Linux app stores.

Download Kodi 19.3 ‘Matrix’

Kodi 19.3 ‘Matrix’ is now available to download and install on all platforms including Windows, Linux, Android, Raspberry Pi, macOS, iOS, tvOS. You can download Kodi 19.3 ‘Matrix’ from here.

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