CPC Full Form- What is the full form of CPC? How to Calculate CPC?

CPC Full Form- What is the full form of CPC?- Here’s the complete CPC Process and CPC Factors which helps to start your online business
Have you ever heard about the term CPC? or Are you planning to start your online business? If your answer is no, then go through this article and get a detailed idea with an amazing explanation.

CPC Full Form

CPC stands for click-per cost, A model of Internet Marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads like google ads, bing ads, etc., is clicked. Simply, CPC is the amount you pay for each click on your ad. This key metric is primarily used to determine advertising spend for displaying ads on search engines.
There are several factors that determined your CPC which include maximum bid, your quality score, ad ranks, and other competitor bidding for the same keywords.
CPC is the marketing term denoting the cost incurred for every click the customer actions on the advertising. It is calculated by dividing the total cost of a paid advertising campaign by the number of clicks.
The Cost Per Click (CPC) refers to the real price you pay for each click on each of your Digital Pay Per Click Marketing Campaigns (PPC). A “click “ on one of your CPC text ads or on one of your banner display ads represents a visitor’s interaction with the supply of products or services offered by your company. Every click on a CPC campaign represents someone paying attention to some of the products you offer. What you pay for is this attention, so as an advertiser it’s important to note: What are you going to offer him next? this is what we call a sale funnel how much are you paying for it? and this is what we call CPC To calculate the average cost per click (average CPC), you must divide the total cost of your clicks by the total amount of clicks.

CPC Formula? How to Calculate Cost Per Click?

CPC stands for Click per Cost and it is calculated as. — CPC is the total cost of Ads ÷ Total Number of Ads clicked = CPC.
In short,

CPC (Cost per click) = Total cost of Ads ÷ Total number of Ads clicked.

CPC Process

Are you planning to start your online business? but you’re still not aware of online marketing and Google Ads?
Then here’s the Click per Cost process;
  1. Keyword Research
  2. Ad Creation
  3. Landing Page Development
  4. Tracking installation & Testing
  5. Campaign Launch
  6. Monitor Performance
  7. Campaign Assessment
  8. Analysis & Feedback

CPC Factors

  1. Publisher Risk Factors: CPC has more risk for the advertisement publisher compared to CPM
  2. Advertiser Risk Factors: The Risk is Less, as the customer has taken an action on the advertisement and there may be a conversion post that.
  3. Advertisement performance: CPC requires the advertisement to be catchy and required so that it makes the customer take the next step.
  4. Prospect Identification: CPC will help find the prospective customer and most of the time the data of the customer can be captured.

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