Paper – 2: Political Science – Indian Government and Politics

Political science – general and subsidiary – Indian Government and politics. राजनीति विज्ञान – सामान्य और सहायक – भारत सरकार और राजनीति Part – 1 : Preamble (प्रस्तावना) Fundamental Rights (मौलिक अधिकार)   Directive principles of state policies (राज्य की नीतियों के निर्देशक सिद्धांत) Fundamental duties (मौलिक कर्तव्य) Part – 2 Union Government (संघ सरकार) … Read more

Part 3 – Macro Economics

Module – 1 Economics/ National Income (राष्ट्रीय आय) SOCIAL ACCOUNTING (सामाजिक लेखांकन) Module – 2 [Theory of Income and Employment / आय और रोजगार का सिद्धांत] 1. Say’s Law of Market (say’s बाजार का नियम) Say’s Law of Markets is theory from classical economics arguing that the ability to purchase something depends on the ability to produce … Read more

Paper 4 – Public Finance & History of Economic Thought

Group – A- Public Finance Module -1 Public Finance.Meaning, Scope And Function. सार्वजनिक वित्त क्या है? Public finance is the approach to managing the public funds in the country’s economy that plays the most important role in the development and growth of the nation, both domestically and internationally. It also affects every stakeholder of the country, … Read more