We all are aware of technology but we have to think about how the technology is evolving. So I have find out the list of top 10 information technology companies for you for 2019. Company Revenue($B) 1. Apple $265.6 2. Samsung $223.4 3. Amazon $177.8 4. Foxconn $154.7 5. Alphabet Inc. $110.8 6. Microsoft $110.4 … Read more

Top 10 Cyber security Companies of 2021

As the generation came out the new way of thinker is born. And the main things is if the new thinker is born they think about the network differently. So we say that the security of cyber is really important for all. Here is some list of top Cybersecurity companies. Company Annual Revenue 1. Cisco … Read more

Top 10 SSL certificate provider companies to make your website https

The time changes and as we all know this day everyone using the internet when you see in your neighbourhood you see one thing common that everyone has at least one mobile phone. You have to understand one thing what is an SSL certificate This is one type of certificate which is provided to you … Read more

Top 10 Cloud Computing Service Provider Companies in 2021

As we are storing our data on a computer without any hassle. In the same way, Cloud Computing services have replaced such hard drive technology. So we simply say that Cloud Computing service is nothing but providing services like Storage, Databases, Servers and networking through the internet. Companies List 1. Amazon Web Service (AWS) 2. … Read more

Top 10 Virtual Office Space Providing Companies

As we all know, the whole world has become one with technology today. Today, companies want to travel from one nation to the whole of the world. We all have to hear about many multinational companies and I hope you know that the multinational company means a company that is expanding its business in other … Read more


If we think about the online world then at the same time we have to think about online access of data. Yes the online date access is possible because it is hosted different part of the countries. Here is the list of top 10 hosting companies. Company Cost($) 1. Hostinger $0.88/Months(4-Year plan) 2. 1&1 Ionos … Read more