Top 10 Cyber security Companies of 2021

As the generation came out the new way of thinker is born. And the main things is if the new thinker is born they think about the network differently. So we say that the security of cyber is really important for all. Here is some list of top Cybersecurity companies.

Company Annual Revenue
1. Cisco $48.005 billion
2. Symantec $4.019 billion
3. Palo Alto Networks $1.8 billion
4. Check Point $1.854 billion
5. Microsoft $110.360 billion
6. CyberArk Software $2.10 billion
7. BT £24.062 billion
8. IBM $79.139 billion
9. Trend Micro ¥148.8 billion
10. Sophos $768.6 million

1. Cisco: Cisco provides robust cybersecurity products. The company acquired a number of smaller security vendors to offers one of the most complete lineups of security products of any vendor.

2. Symantec: As in report it is found that it has the largest civilian threat intelligence network. And Company declared itself as a global leader in next-generation cybersecurity.

3. Palo Alto Networks: The main product of the company is its Security Operating Platform which integrates with its other products as well as a partner to protect companies networks.

4. Check Point: Check Point offers various types of products for both enterprises and consumers. And it is best known for its firewall and network security products.

5. Microsoft: Microsoft is classified under the data-center to endpoint protection sectors.

6. CyberArk Software: Company is classified for its privileged access security solutions, credential protection, session isolation, and monitoring.

7. BT(British Telecom): The company mainly offers managed security services.

8. IBM: The company offers both security products and security services which can be customized according to the need of all types of company and organization.

9. Trend Micro: Trend Micro security solutions protect more than half a million organizations and more than 250 million endpoints across the world.

10. Sophos: As Company claims its products protect 100 million people and 100000 businesses.