Top 10 Programming Language in the world

As I think you’ll end on this page because you want to make a career as a software developer so you want to find out in which programming language your career will best fit. So firstly I will recommend you one thing you not confused with the top programming language but instead of finding the top programming language you found are you search what you want to do like you want an Android application developer or yourself try to develop an Android application are you want to create an amazing website are you want to develop a software when this question will come in your mind then you will find the appropriate language for your desired need?

Is the time go on the different programming language comes into the market for different purpose so you don’t have to stick with one programming language I know in the initial stage you may find which programming language is best this has also happened with me when I was on the initial programming stage but later on I find one thing that the all the programming language is helpful for you if you want to achieve success in any one field of programming language simply I want to say you one thing if you want to create a website then in one programming language you will not able to create an amazing website you have to use the mix of programming language to create an amazing website.

But it according to the market I am going to show you the list of top programming language which age currently on the top position I again say the rank of the programming language change it from time to time so this drink is for 2019.

Programming Language Application
1. JavaScript Front-end web development, Back-end web development,
2. Python Back-end web development, Desktop application, Game development, Data Analytics
3. Java Back-end web development, Desktop application, Mobile development
4. C & C++ Desktop application, Game development, Systems programming
5. PHP Back-end web development
6. Swift Mobile development
7. C# Mobile development, Game development
8. Ruby Back-end web development
9. Go Native cloud application, web development, microservices
10. SQL Databases

Let’s choose programming Language according to its applications in various fields.

Purpose and Application Programming Language
Mobile development  Java, C#, Swift
Front-end web development JavaScript,HTML5,CSS
Back-end web development JavaScript,PHP,Python,ava,Ruby
Desktop application Java, C, C++, Python
Game development C++, C#, Python
Systems programming C, Rust
Database SQL
    Visit the official Website to learn this programming language:
  1. JavaScript: Visit the Official Website
  2. Python: Visit the Official Website
  3. Java: Visit the Official Website
  4. C & C++: Visit the Official Website
  5. PHP: Visit the Official Website
  6. Swift: Visit the Official Website
  7. C#: Visit the Official Website
  8. Ruby: Visit the Official Website
  9. Go: Visit the Official Website
  10. SQL: Visit the Official Website