Top 10 tips for choosing a career and making a beautiful and happy life

The main things which I want to confirm you are that you be active while choosing the career. The career is what your entire life depends. Soi want to mention you the things is the choice of career is not the choice of the objects its all depends on the way of the in which you will be really involved in your entire life.
First of all, I want to mention you the things that you invest your time in your self first and try to understand yourself that what you like. The career work will help you lot when you take interest in working on it. You know the career is really very very long time for you so always follow my suggestion also…
1. First of all, you find out in which work you are passionate, means wich work you like most.
2. Find out which works make you happy or in which work you really involved in it. Because if you will like your work your success rate will increase.
3. The fields in which you want to make your career, get the all the knowledge of that fields. Keep one things in your mind that in the long one only your knowledge will going to help you lot.
4. While choosing your career you hear about yourself, its very restriction that you not here any family, friends or other members.
5. I have seen lot of friends who are not able to choose right career or if he/she is able to choose the career this is because of other friends or family suggestions.
6. The more important factor of the for success is not the degree, The main deal of the success is how well you able to perform in the fields.
7. Because of the success does not depends on degree, The degree also not take the guarantee of your success, you will really sock that most of the topper is unsuccessful and all the successful people are mostly backbenchers. So you do what you like.
8. Prepare your success index and on the regular basis, you measure your success index. This will give you the performance of your life.
9. Daily morning you give time of learning the new things in your own fields.
10. Keep your point of contact with your career that means always be happy and always do your best for making your career in that fields.