10 priceless ways that you can make your kitchen a hospital

As we all know that nature has made everything for us, and between this nature, we have to spend our lives, medicines are arranged in every place between nature, whether it is the field of a field or You will get medicines in every place. In this way, our kitchen is rich in the form of medicine, as we all know that everything in our kitchen is fun The TARGET is beneficial to our body and beneficial I will tell you 10 precious things in this series, which should be in your kitchen.

  1. Cumin: One thing to remember is that after consuming 4 to 5 grams cumin seeds in your kitchen lightly, taking yogurt or yogurt with lassi will have a great advantage in the dust, with 5 to 7 gms of cumin seeds in 400 ml water, after saving 1 divided by 4 The intestines worm dies by drinking twice a day, which means that cumin is very beneficial in your daily life. Now use them and eat them, so the cumin seeds are definitely in your kitchen.
  2. Turmeric: One thing you would know is that whenever you eat vegetables, you do not like the vegetable until it does not have turmeric, it means that turmeric is very beneficial for your body and only then you have consumed turmeric daily. So, I tell you, mixing turmeric salts and a little mustard oil, massage the gums daily in the fingers, it is extremely beneficial for the price dentistry if you drink spoon turmeric Drink powder daily with a glass of hot milk and then the body’s immune system increases. Winter cold body pain injury is a great advantage in the pain. If you take half a spoon of turmeric with it and take it with honey If there is an immediate benefit in a sore throat and cough, then I am friends.
  3. Clove: Long, which is a very good and beneficial Ayurveda, in the earlier times our ancestors used to consume long. So let me tell you that if you close the loin to lightly and suck it, then there is a miracle benefit in Khasi. Grinding of Turmeric powder in the body anywhere in the body is 5 to 7, it is of great benefit, as well as in a toothache, keeping the long near the tooth, the pain of the tooth relaxes, along with Long A miraculous Ayurveda can also be used in everyday life.
  4. Cardamom: Whenever there is a good thing in our house, the cardamom is almost always in those things, why not today we understand some benefits of cardamom. There is also a great advantage of cardamom that supposes you have a blister in your mouth. So if you mix the cardamom with honey and then mix it with honey, then the blister gets cured. Even if you drink two cardamoms and 3 people in the water to stop the hiccup, then the hiccup ends There is a lot of cardamom in this way. It also goes that cardamom is not only good but it is also good in health, therefore you definitely use cardamom to stay healthy.
  5. Black pepper: