30 Best Romance Novels for Adults

Romance books probably make up 40% of my brain at this point because of the love I have for them. Ever since I started reading adult romance novels, I have been changed. The romance genre slowly became my favourite, surpassing my love for fantasy. It doesn’t matter what you’re in the mood for or what … Read more

16 Queer Adult Romance Books that You Will Love

I’ve been regularly posting adult romance book recommendations on this blog. And since Pride month is almost here, of course, I have some queer adult romance books that you HAVE to pick up. LGBTQIA+ books are still not as common to see compared to books with cishet characters. There are many queer books being actively promoted in … Read more

10 Accidental Pregnancy Romance Books

There are a few romance tropes that I love seeing in books. Accidental pregnancy is one of my top three, so of course, I’ve read many accidental pregnancy romance books. I actually didn’t like the trope immediately. Once I got into the secret baby romance trope and looked for more books with it, I found many with accidental pregnancy … Read more

20 College Romance Books You Don’t Want to Miss

I had an obsession phase with college romance books which started right before I got into college. I was exposed to adult romance books by then but they weren’t relatable to me as a young adult transitioning to a new adult. When I discovered the new adult romance genre—specifically, romance books set in college—it was like tripping on … Read more

20 Single Parent Romance Books

There is something special about romance in single parent romance books. In most romance novels, the two main characters get to know one another and fall in love. Many times, they merge their families of parents and siblings. They may or may not have kids later but they are the starting point of their nuclear … Read more