Top 10 Managements Book for 2021

Management plays a very important role in every part of life. The management is not important only for the company but it is also important for living your life happily. So to learning life happily is really very important so you must have to steal your time and read this management books. These books will help you a lot.

  1. In Search of Excellence (Lessons from America’s Best-Run Companies): By Thomas Peters and Robert H. Waterman
  2. The One Thing You Need to Know: By Marcus Buckingham
  3. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: By Stephen R. Covey
  4. What Management Is: By Joan Magretta
  5.  First, break all the rules : By Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman
  6. Competing for the Future : By Gary Hamel, C. K. Prahalad
  7. The great game of business: By Jack Stack
  8.  The Rules of Management : By Richard Templar
  9. How to Win Friends and Influence People: By Dale Carnegie
  10. Strength Finder 2.0 : By Tom Rath