What is economics and what is its importance?

If I talk of economics then you may be thinking that I’m going to talk to you about money but I want to tell you at the beginning of your article that I am not talking about any money here. I’m not going to talk about making you money nor am I giving you tips to make any money but in this article of economics, I will talk to you so definitely that is meaning Or what is the money you think is the money, how is it playing a key role in the transaction today? If you see the whole world today, then you will be seen dying from the whole world money ie meaning, then why do not we Read this article and explain economics well and know its importance.

According to various dictionaries, economics is a matter related to the production and consumption of commodities and the analysis of commercial activities of society, but it is said by L. Robinson even more than that, “economics is a science that is available in relation to human behaviour, Studies the relationship between their objectives”.

In this way, economics is a study of the selection of objects and it is studied to make proper use of limited resources. This selection can vary according to the countries of the countries, if you talk about Professor Fallon, you can use a large number of cows as a component of protein and food as it is believed that in earlier times When there was no guarantee, gold coins were used at that time.

When I make a calculation in economics, when I assess line mathematics, I feel like I can use geometric methods and can appear near other social behavioural sciences, so let’s start it, scientists of economics It is of the opinion that it is an estimate of statistics, which is done according to the law, but we can say that It is inconsistent to put economics on a field with other sciences as it can not be controlled in the strict rules of use and economics does not mean science, its theory is not always authentic aarti, sometimes its theories are based on the assumption of truth In spite of all these economists, at the individual level, the policy provides assistance in the decisive topics. On the national-international level, economist governments use policies to implement many other different programs, to analyze the results and keep them as per the future decisions and guess them.