9 Best Vicky Name Tattoo Design Idea

Vicky is a very popular name that comes from Victory word which means victory or winner. In this post, we will share with you some best Vicky name tattoo designs which are modern, stylish, and unique, you can ink this V name style in part of your body very easily both men and women can try this body art.

All these tattoos are designed in black color in cursive and bold fonts you can also make changes in the below art by changing color, size, and elements according to your choice.

1. Vicky Name In Cursive Font Tattoo


Heartbeat art with the name looks simple and perfect both boys and girls can ink this art on their arms, shoulder, chest, and neck.

2. V Name Style With Arrow


V name with the yellow arrow on the top is unique and attractive, you can also change the color of the arrow.

3. Vicky Name With Star Body Art


You can see there is a star in the design which represents the meaning of Vicky which victory or winner, this V-name tattoo design is elegant and stunning.

4. V Name Tattoo With Birds


A group of flying birds in the art signifies unity, hard work, and teamwork to fight for freedom and victory.

5. Vicky Name With An Eagle Art


Eagle in the design looks attractive which represents power, freedom, self-confidence, and struggle to live a better life in the world.

6. V Name Art In Tesla Font Design


If you want to try some unique and modern ink then this design will be best for you and you can also use this design as your profile picture.

7. Vicky Name Tattoo With An Arrow


Vicky’s name in bold black font and on the top there is an arrow. this design is modern and decent you can ink this art on your body part.

8. V Name Style Body Art


Boys can ink this art on their wrist, shoulder, back, and neck. they can also customize it by adding colors and elements.

9. Vicky Name Style With A Heartbeat


If you want to ink your partner’s name tattoo on your body then this design will be perfect for us.


What Is The Meaning Of Vicky?

Vicky is a very popular name that comes from Victory word which means victory or winner

What Is The The Price Of This Tattoo?

In India, it will cost you approx Rs.4000.

How Much It Will Take To Ink The Body Art?

It will take 2-3 hours to ink the body art.

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