Top 10 Option Trading Strategies for making more money by trading options

Being a professional options trader, I know many street-side options and I have seen it in practical form. From today’s video, I will talk to you about lots of options in the world. The Options Trading Strategy looks very good to hear, but Street G learns to make a lot of money from the market, so why not even you understand options trading well and make as much money as possible. I will give you some tips like that which will give some such status which very few people know or who are the professional options traders know this, so let’s start learning today.

  1. The first thing that you should pay attention to, and which many traders cannot afford, is whenever the market opens, then be open before you open the market. When you open the market, do not delay any kind. The trader has seen that he does not give importance to time and he can not make money from the market because he does not give importance to time, so you learned to give importance of time and more than market Making more money will be learning but emphasize the first time.
  2. Whenever you open the market, whatever statics of this screen you have seen on it fast where the statics are sleeping. Do you think that the market is behaving like this or is not doing it if the market is in minus You do not have to speed up and if you are in market plus you have to play smart click?
  3. Any option can make money from the trade market; the first method is to buy it in less than two ways and send it in less and buy more and buy more, the way to go low is even better and the other way is the opposite of the justice Selling at a higher price and buying at a lower price are both ways, but it is more correct than the one who is plus, therefore, I would advise you to You do not have to sit outside the bills, but at least this is the right way.
  4. I tell one thing on the basis of my experience that even if the market opens in more plus, you do not have to buy the immediate stock because I have seen so many times that if the market is much faster then assuming that 110 points are in plus But if you take a decision in 110 point plus, it can prove harmful to you because the market was open fast and suddenly increased, what happens in this case At times, I have seen the market being corrected, so that there can be a potentiality that it can also come down to plus 70 points, so if there is a lot of speed in the market then you do not have to do your stocks like that before the market If you want to get corrected, then do not think of buying and selling anything without thinking of selling the shares to you.
  5. You do not pre-estimate any stock because I have seen many times that there are some stocks on the screen which are standing firmly and growing, while some stocks that have gone very much can be done today. ₹ 4 should be rolled down so that you can understand any of the shares of any option before biking the lock of its beyond region, why you are doing brother, without thinking it is not a brother, Try to understand freight correct correctly removed from holding the market up to then only you can be the decision was taken in a hurry to take the decision in any way be detrimental to you.
  6. Thin I tell you one more important thing. Suppose that there is a lion and it is growing steadily. Choose two of them and if there are no details on the screen then look at the window from the window of the stock and share it with you today. Those who are high and those who are average, which is Percentage Growth or whatever volumes information they will get, see all these answers, if the share price has increased by 4%, then it is ok to buy it right now. Land this thing to note if the current average price is right to buy is above average to go down or minus stock is wrong to buy by the slightly faster.
  7. One thing else will be to note that the stocks you can buy from the front or from the market price or you can put a border below 2 ₹ 4 so that the volatile decreases in the growing market, the shares get less risk in the price. Suppose the price of an option from the price of any stock is falling below it, then set a bit below if you believe that if you come down, then that is what you have become and meditate. Do not give 14 when buying and purchasing it below, when the purchase is done, the message of purchase will come down. We have come to your trading account, and you have come to your trading account, note the execution price of the purchase on a paper estimated Add it
  8. If you believe in the bank immediately after the moment you will put a stop-loss according to your capacity, but as per the assumption that it will be made in 243, then apply the selling order on the next 239 so that if the lion goes down 180 years, not more than 300 Put a sell order on the above 249 so that your stock sells if you have a boost of speed and you get the benefit of 600, you keep on minding this way and make money in the stock market.
  9. If it is not bad, even if it is not bad, even if it is not executed, then the downstream stop can be removed in 242, so that the stops can be removed from 300 instead of 300 to get out of one hundred classes so that different State G It will also come when you will be in the real field. I have filled you with a basic with the state of a few options so that you can make the option to make good money.
  10. Give more attention to one thing and assume that ever increasing the stock we sell in less profit then regret later, nor therefore by selling 50 shares in 246, I can wait and send 50010 also above 50 50 shares of 50 different You can also put aside the different prices at all. All these things apply to your practice, then you will understand things well.