As we all know life is only possible on Earth. And everyone in this earths wants to live healthy life. So here is some tips which you should keep in mind if you really concern about your health.

Tips Benefits
1. Proper Sleep Energy, Boost up, Proper digestion
2. Meditate Regular functioning of body parts
3. Be smoke free Keep Internal body parts healthy
4. Eat a variety of foods Get all types of Vitamins
5. Brush up on hygiene Make mouth fresh
6. Drink More Water To make proper blood regulation
7. Cleanliness Hand may contains dust
8. Following a schedule Body always tries to schedule self
9. Yoga make body fit
10. Positive thinking Make your brain healthy

Technology is rapidly growing day by day, Yes i agree that technology has it’s own positive merits but on the other way technology has it’s own demerit also. So here the main pin point is how you deal yourself without using any external technology.

  1. Positive thinking: Mind play a very important role to cure any disease.An as research say any one can cure any disease by just changing thinking behavior.
  2. Body Enzymes: As we all know body secretes different types of enzymes,which is really beneficial for us.
  3. Deep Oxygenation: Take long breadth in fresh nature in morning time this gives you the extra body energy for whole day.
  4. Meditation: Mediating yourself is one of the best techniques of healing yourself. Meditation allow the people to invest on yourself.
  5. Yoga: Yoga makes our body fit and healthy. But the main things is yoga should be done properly.
  6. Pranayam: Taking long breadth in and out is one of the main steps of pranayam. In pranayam intake of air allow the body to fulfill the requirement of oxygen properly.
  7. Balance Diet: Take proper meal containing the variety of foods and vegetables.Prefer green leafs vegetable which contains less fertilizers.
  8. Proper Sleep: You have to understand one things that sleeping less or sleeping more both is dangerous. So always prefer proper sleeping in night time 6 to 7 hours
  9. Cleanliness: Cleanliness is one of the best way of making your life disease free.
  10. Understanding: Thinking directly affects the body, So always tries to make your thinking in positive direction.This gives you better understanding.