Top 10 tips which every trader and investor should know

As we all know stock market is a type of market where the product bought and sold is stocks of company. It means this the as like our real market but the product is different from the real one. So in this point of time i am going to discuss with you about some of the expert stock market tips for trading.

Top 10 Tips Points to keep in mind
1. Understanding the Market Behavior If you want to trade in stock market then the main part in which you must have good understanding is buyer base and seller base.Means in which direction market is currently moving.
2. Buying an selling of stocks : In both the case anyone can make profit either buy low and sell high or sell high and buy low. So You have clear market indicator that in which direction you are going.
3. Follow of the market You have to understand follow of the market very well, and It’s suggested you be with follow of the market,this will give you more and more profit.
4. Fundamental Analysis Before buying and selling any stocks in the market you must have good fundamental analysis of the market. Fundamental analysis will help you to achieve more, even with less trading
5. Have understanding of technical indicators Technical indicators is not permanent indicators but it helps to take current decision for traders.There are different types of indicators like RSI,moving average etc and all show different types of technical indications
6. Not to frequently buy/sell Many traders in initial phase frequently buy and sell stocks. It must be avoid by new traders.
7. Selection of lot size it is suggested that you buy or sell stocks lot in division basic, like if you want to buy 20 stocks then you buy like wise 2,3,4,5,6.
8. Understanding of margin price Different stocks brokers has different margin percentage, So you have to confirm it with your stocks broker. Normal margin percentage is lying between 10% to 30%.
9. Broker selection You must know one things that different stocks broker charge is different, so you select broker according to your convenience.
10. Demat Accounts Demat accounts is simply your bank account of stocks. So you may open more then one demat accounts.

After reading the above ten points, now you are able to understand the little bit basic of stock market. But keep one things in your mind before going to trade in stock market, you must do research on stock market. Which will help you lot.
Every things depends on your study and skills,So it’s an strict guidelines that you must learn all aspects of stock market first. It is also suggested that you firstly use virtual stock trading.