Top 10 Facts Everyone Should Know About Coffee

Coffee is one of the world’s most widely consumed beverages.But the amaging facts of coffee is, it’s effects are still debated.So here is top 10 facts which everyone should know about coffee.

Merits Demerits
1. Caffeine Might Cut Pain 1. Caffeine Can Kill You
2. Caffeine Can Indeed Keep You Up at Night 2. Decaf Coffee Has Caffeine
3. Caffeine Is Not The Bitter Culpri 3. Decaffeination Uses Chemicals
4. Great Coffee Depends on Roasting and Brewing 4. Caffeine Can Kill You
5. Coffee Was Discovered by Goats 5. Coffee Contamination
6. Coffee Can Be Good For You 6. ReUsing Coffee Grounds
7. Caffeine Might Boost Female Sex Drive 7. Coffee Ban In 17th-Century England
8. Coffee makes you live longe 8. Coffee Overdose And Addiction
9. Coffee has crazy-good health benefits 9. Coffee Contains Caffeine To Attract Bees
10. Coffee is culture 10. Deadly Coffee Crime Wave In Kenya

Now we are familiar with the merits and demerits of coffee, But the main things which you should know is coffee has it’s own merit still you not have to prefer it. Because in long time this may affect you.Yes i agree that research is not clear about coffee, then why you only turn on merit side.You have to keep both points in your mind.