Top 10 steps of Innovation

Today the topic is really very interesting as we all know the world is the result of innovation. The things we see around us and the things we use for our life and purpose is really the result of innovation, yes in summer season we use AC but you know God not give you the AC we have invented it and we are using it. So let’s start the important steps of innovation the steps will help you a lot in the field of innovation and generating an innovative idea.

  1. Innovation should be based on “future disruptive projection” not on “existing old assumption“.
  2. Future disruptive projection is the result of Imagination while the existing old assumption is the result of experience.
  3. You have to understand the meaning of disruption means there is a change of 100%.
  4. Inefficient innovative process will feel so you always be active why innovative lessons I am saying this because I know you are interested in innovation but you have to be invented and who remembered that things according to the futuristic revolution of the futuristic idea then you will be able to succeed you not see the past and the past will not make you successful the future will make you successful so you always innovate the things based on your future disruptive projection.
  5. You always keep one thing in your mind that customers “need” is the food for your growth factory.
  6. When you understand the need of the customer then you will be able to innovate the things which will fulfil the need of the customer show the main secret of success in the field of innovation is to find the need of the customer.
  7. You create the pipeline for promising ideas. you take suggestion and Idea from different people this will help you to build your innovative ideas and your innovative products which will be best for customer satisfaction.
  8. Pilot experimentation and validation. one thing in your mind that you firstly not implement your Idea on the broad area you firstly implement it in a small area and verify that your innovation is performing best. there is still improvement in the innovation of the reaction from the customer and you take also the feedback from the customer side and after all implement in a broader area.
  9. Commercialization launch and ramp up. now you are able to increase you are an innovative idea so you create your distribution partner and also create a network for innovative people and you also distributed to the distributor dealer and also create a supply chain for your business.
  10. improvement cycle. This is one of the important aspects of the factor in the field of innovation no there is no any another way or another route of improvement cycle and it is also not possible that you directly create a wonderful product you always have to open for your improvement of the product and if you regularly improve your product and Idea you will surely succeed.