Learn bengali alphabet through english-very easily in 2023

bengali alphabet

The bengali alphabet or bangla alphabet or bengali language is one of the most widely adopted writing system in the world. it is spoken by over 265 million pepole in the world. 165 million pepole use to speak in bengali in bangladesh and near 100 million people in india primarly in the states of west bengal, Assam and orrisa . There is no capital and small letters in bengali alphabet . Bengali is the national official language of republic of Bangladesh and some eastern and north-eastern states in India. Including Assam , Tripura, West Bengal and Andaman and Nicobar islands. Do you know ? Bengali is the seventh most spoken native language in the world . Bengali alphabet is used to written from left to right side. Ishwar chandra vidyasagara is the father of bengali language and bankim chandra chattopadhaya is the father of bengali literature

bengali alphabet overview

Nowdays a lots of people who are using bengali alphabet to writing as well as reading too. In ;bangla barnamala’ ( বাংলা বর্ণমালা ) there are 11 vowels and 40 consonants ( total 51 letters )

These are the vowels of Bengali alphabet

[wptb id=241]

These are the consonant of Bengali alphabet

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