Increase Jio Internet Speed by 200% with calling

Increase your Jio Internet Speed by 200% with calling — #Jio #internet #speed

Increase JIO Internet Speed 200%

Did you want to increase or double your internet speed?
Yes! You can double (200%) your internet speed with this amazing trick!

How to increase JIO Internet speed by [200%]

Here’s how we can increase JIO Internet speed by 200%;

By Calling:

This trick works only if your phone(mobile) supports VoLTE Technology. this trick is useful if you need the internet in an emergency and your internet isn’t working (poor network connectivity).

How to JIO increase internet speed by Calling?

In this trick, you have to call someone or any of your phone and use the internet in the background. it works much faster than in regular times.

But how this trick works?

To know how this trick works, you must know what is VoLTE!
VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE, calling in VoLTE is done with the data in the form of packets.
Calling is more important than data, when you call someone, the connection is switched to the upper band. and that is why your internet speed becomes faster up to 200% or more.
Yes! your internet speed will definitely increase when you use this trick but this will consume more battery and you won’t receive any important calls. so, it is better to use this trick only when you need fast internet in an emergency.
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