How to get good Marks in competitive exams

Any exam is not asking hard questions but asking question in a hard manner. Believe me if your concept will be strong you will definitely get good marks in any exam. So here I have done some analysis for you which will help you to get good marks.

1.Always buy a new and latest revised books: Because in new books mistakes of questions and answers is updated.

2A. Its restriction not borrow book from any one: I have seen many students pass there exam by borrowing books from friends. So you not do this buy new book.

2B. Its restriction not give your books to any one: Many times the students who but not able to read the book properly. So you always keep your book with yourself.

3.Read book thoroughly: You know every books is written by the famous people of that fields to enhance your knowledge.

4.Listen to your teacher/professors carefully: Each and every words of the teacher is 1000 times powerful, so you always listen to your teacher very carefully. This will really going to help you lot.

NOTE: The most important things is if you have any doubt ask with your teacher without hesitation. At the time of asking the question you not thing what the teacher or your friends will think about you.

I assure you one things:

If you ask questions/doubt with your teacher day by day your interaction with the teacher will increase and this will directly positively reflect in you exam. So you always ask the doubt with your teacher.

5A. Read books not to pass the exam but to get the knowledge from it: Book is your favorite teacher and if you will be able to understand each and every concept of book your knowledge base will Increase and if your knowledge base will increase you will definitely get good marks.

5B. Do your lab properly and try to understand the concept which you read in your books or you are going to read books: The main benefits is lap gives you the way of “Learning by doing something”. And this is the best way to learn anythings.

6A. Solve all to do/Practice Questions properly: In every books there are lot of to do questions or practice questions is given and these questions is given to you, to understand the concept clearly. So solve all questions properly and try to understand the concept behind the questions.

6B. Solve as much question as possible related to your topics: You know the amazing things and the things is “Reading theory again and again is less useful to understand the concepts”. The more useful things is ” Read theory one time and try to solve the question…This will really help to understand the depth concept of the topics”.

7.Solve previous year question paper relate to your topics: The most important things is you solve previous year questions paper this will boost your confidence to get good marks in exam.

8.Discuss with your friends, family and teachers: If you discuss your concept with any other believe me you will be able to learn it for long time. Because in discussion brain is able to keep the concept from nature.

9.CREATE SHORT NOTES OF THE SUBJECTS: While preparing short notes keep one things in your mind that short notes should be short. I know when you read the subject you think everything is important. But you not note all the things you note one those concepts which is really important or which you may forgot in future.

10.Revise your subjects: The best strategy of the revision of the subjects is you follow the revision plan as accordingly

[First revision: Within 24 hour]

[Second revision: Within next 7 Days]

[Third Revision: Within next 21 Days]

[Forth Revision: Within next 3 Months]

[Fifth Revision: Within next 6 Months]

[Sixth Revision: That’s it, you not need to revise further, and you only revise during exam time]

Acquire more and more knowledge from Different source like internet search, good website, friends, family and teachers. And if you do this you definitely you will get success.