What makes a Good person ?

Definition of good person A good person may be defined as one who manages all the things simultaneously and never felt in life.
Laboratory preparation Take some mixture of knowledge, salt of Intelligence and patients. Take a glass of courage and determination, a full spoon of quality and discipline, A Pinch of love and curiosity, prepare a paste of this in your heart and keep it lifelong also take an aqueous solution of self-control and self Reliance in access the catalyst to be used as truth the mixture is then treated with honesty.
Chemical reaction Honesty+ knowledge+ truth+ intelligence+ petience+ courage+ courtesy= a good person.
Physical and chemical properties
  • Bright Career
  • Fewer disputes
  • happiness is seen on the face
  • sensitive and loving nature
  • a healthy body with a sound mind.

There is a demand for a good person and if you want to become a good person your demand in the world will automatically be increased so you invest your time on yourself to become a good person.

You have already given 24 hours a day and at least 10 minutes in a day you invest in yourself this will help you a lot in the field of personality and become a good person but the condition is when you invest time on yourself you always accept your mistake you try to find your mistake what mistake you have done and from next time you try to solve the mistake which you have done and in the future you come it that you will not do the mistake which was not favourable to you-you know the mistake which is not favourable to you is not favourable to anyone in the world so you always try to do good work not try to do any work which is not favourable for the people ok for you for your society or for your country.

In this article I have tried to give you my knowledge in the way of physical nature chemical nature laboratory preparation and physical and chemical properties I have done this type of things because I want to relate your life in the same way you are dealing in your every day so you understand your body also your body is also a machine.