Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics

Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics By Ajit Kumar talks about essential ideas of quantum mechanics, including the condition of a quantum mechanical framework, administrators, superposition guideline and estimation propose

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The book discusses fundamental concepts of quantum mechanics, including the state of a quantum mechanical system, operators, superposition principle and measurement postulate.

The book covers modern algebraic language of quantum mechanics, wherein the fundamental concepts and methods of solutions are translated into the algebraic formalism and compared with the earlier simpler approach.

Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics, Third Edition is a clear and detailed introduction to quantum mechanics and its applications in chemistry and physics. All required math is clearly explained, including intermediate steps in derivations, and concise review of the math is included in the text at appropriate points.

Book Name Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics
Author Ajit Kumar
Category Physics
Book Language English
Publisher University Printing House, Cambridge
Pages 450
ISBN 978-1-107-18558-6
Country United Kingdom
Book Size 2 MB

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