Organic Chemistry an Acid Base Approach

Download Free PDF book on “Organic Chemistry an Acid Base Approach” by Michael B.Smith. Based on the premise that many, if not most, reactions in organic chemistry can be explained by variations of fundamental acidbase concepts, Organic Chemistry

Book Content

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Why Is an Acid–Base Theme Important?.

Chapter 3: Bonding

Chapter 4: Alkanes, Isomers, and an Introduction to Nomenclature

Chapter 5: Functional Groups

Chapter 6: Acids, Bases, Nucleophiles, and Electrophiles

Chapter 7: Chemical Reactions, Bond Energy, and Kinetics

Chapter 8: Rotamers and Conformation

Chapter 9: Stereoisomers: Chirality, Enantiomers, and Diastereomers

Chapter 10: Acid–Base Reactions of π-Bonds

Chapter 11: Nucleophiles: Lewis Base-Like Reactions at sp3 Carbon

Chapter 12: Base-Induced Elimination Reactions

Chapter 13: Substitution and Elimination Reactions Can Compete

Chapter 14: Spectroscopic Methods of Identification

Chapter 15: Organometallic Reagents

Chapter 16: Carbonyl Compounds: Structure, Nomenclature, Reactivity

Chapter 17: Oxidation

Chapter 18: Reactions of Aldehydes and Ketones

Chapter 19: Reduction

Chapter 20: Carboxylic Acid Derivatives and Acyl Substitution

Chapter 21: Aromatic Compounds and Benzene Derivatives

Chapter 22: Enolate Anions: Acyl Addition and Acyl Substitution

Chapter 23: Difunctional Molecules: Dienes and Conjugated Carbonyl Compounds

Chapter 24: Difunctional Molecules: Pericyclic Reactions

Chapter 25: Disconnections and Synthesis

Chapter 26: Heteroaromatic Compounds

Chapter 27: Multifunctional Compounds: Amino Acids and Peptides

Chapter 28: Multifunctional Compounds: Carbohydrates

Book Name Organic Chemistry an Acid Base Approach
Author Michael B. Smith
Category Chemistry
Book Language English
Publisher CRC Press
Pages 1500
Country United Status
Book Size 21.2MB

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