Chemistry Workbook by Richard Harwood

Download Free PDF book on “Chemistry Workbook Third Edition” by Richard Harwood and Lan Lodge. This work provides comprehensive coverage of the GCSE and IGCSE chemistry syllabuses and Scottish Standard Grade, and also covers the chemistry material needed for GCSE balanced science syllabuses. Separated into core and extension material, it includes a selection of questions and exercises.

Book Content

1 Planet Earth
2 The nature of matter
3 Elements and compounds
4 Chemical reactions
5 Acids, bases and salts
6 Quantitative chemistry
7 How far? How fast?
8 Patterns and properties of metals
9 Industrial inorganic chemistry
10 Organic chemistry
11 Petrochemicals and polymers
12 Chemical analysis and investigation

Book Name Chemistry Workbook Third Edition
Author Richard Harwood and Lan Lodge
Category Chemistry
Book Language English
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Pages 97
ISBN 978-0-521-18117-4
Country United Kingdom
Book Size 7.58 MB

Chemistry Workbook by Richard Harwood PDF Download