Top 10 reasons,why most startup fails.

Everyone want to become a successful entrepreneur and everyone want to succeed in his/her  own startup company. But the reality is entirely different and as the past history shows only 10% of the the startup company is able to succeed and in 10% succeed startups 9% flops within 5 years. As data shows the success rate of startups is very less. Now you may think i demotivate you…But i say you i not demotivate you. I say you the result so that you learn from the mistakes of past failure startups and after learning from past you change yourself and succeed. I have find out the Top 10 reasons why mostly startup fails.

Reason How to Avoid ?
1. No Market for your Product  Before going to create new product do proper market research.
 2. Lack of skills needed for the business  There should be proper skills in your own business.So firstly acquire skills or hire a skilled team then start.
 3. Business Model Failure  You create a proper business model and also analyze your business model properly.
 4. Running Out Of Cash  Keep proper estimate of your money in advance. And also more important prepare you plan according to available cash.
 5. Poor Marketing  Marketing should start much early. So keep this things in mind that you not wait for product completion start marketing.
 6. Not the Right Team  For specific type of product creation, the team should be specific with proper skill set.
 7. Legal Challenges  Always do your work under law, not try to become advance or against the law.
 8. Disharmony Among Team Members  Every team member should understand that they are part of something bigger and if they will work properly they get more benefits time to time.
 9. Failure to Pivot  Always focus on customers problem.
 10. Burnouts  You balance your body conditions and be under rules. And you always keep Improving.

Now, You read these ten points.So i suggest you read again and find the place where you really need improvement and keep improving.