Now let’s know which of these flowers are offered to God.

Garland of white sandalwood =should be used for the worship of Lord Vishnu, it is the peace of Rahu planet.

Tulsi’s garland should =be used for Lord Vishnu, because it is considered to be best for worship of Vishnu, the incarnation of Vishnu, the incarnation of Vishnu, Lord Rama and Shri Krishna, the rosemary

Rudraksha should= be used for Lord Shankar Rudraksh’s wreath is beneficial in the mantras related to them related to them.

Garland of blood sandalwood should be used for worship of goddess Durga by using blood sandalwood garlands, there is peace of Mars

Lotus gatta garland = Kamal gatta garland should be used for mother Lakshmi and should use Kamalgate’s garland for the advancement of our house.
Dug Garbha = Garb’s Garland should be used for Lord Ganesha’s worship, please chant from the root of dubu, it will be your wish.

 Jamuna’s Garland = Bamun’s Garland is worshiped by Lord Saturn. Jantoon is made from jaggery, chanting from the garland, there is peace of Saturn planet.

 Mercury is worshiped from Kush’s garland = Kush’s garland, it is the peace of Mercury by chanting the root of garland.

Retha’s garland = Rhee’s garland, call all the planets for peace from the ray of peace. The code will not be listed. Good list black turmeric is used in the worship of black turmeric, which is used in the worship of Kali. Mother is pleased with Kal