Top 10 sector for startups

Different sectors have  different opportunity and in time to time and country by country the opportunity of sectors changes. The opportunity of different sectors mainly depends on the conditions of the government rules and environment conditions. Yes i have seen lot of startups.

Sectors Opportunity
1. Medical This is one of the core fields where lot opportunity exists.This fields includes the medicines for human.As the part of the body not work properly of affected by some disease body requires medicines and medical practitioners. So you have to look for the opportunity in this fields.
2. Bio pharmacy This fields is for skilled medical practitioners because this fields includes both biology and pharmacy. But the main points is there is lot of opportunity still lies in this fields.
3. Research & Development This is the main core sectors which requires skilled people from almost all the sectors. Many company has already implemented this and made a separate team for R&D but this is not always sufficient. You have to look for the great opportunity in this fields.
4. Natural Agriculture Because of the dangerous fertilizers used by the farmers the body becomes weaker day by day. And there are lot of new kinds of disease born. And because of this the life of human decreases. So again we have to think that how we will change it to natural based agriculture again.
5. Natural Farming and Ingredient You know farmers is now migrating from village to town, but why?. The reason for this is farmers not get benefits in doing farming. There are lot of research is needed in agriculture fields.
6. Practical Education The education in this time is theory based, The reality is  practical is only on dictionary of school and college. So you have to think in this sectors you will get lot of opportunity in this fields.
7. Exchange The different products have different price in different area, and this gives the birth of exchange. So you broader your areas and look for the opportunity in exchanges of different products and services.
8. Pay and Use This is the latest trending in this era like if any one not able to buy ford car but want to drive ford car for one days function, then he simply prefer to take those car for rent. In the same way you look for different fields.
9. Artificial Intelligence This is evergreen fields and in the near future this fields is going to acquire the world. The main aim of the artificial intelligence is to create a artificial thinking machine. This is going to help in almost all the sectors.
10. Security In day by day as the technology enhanced the meaning of the security changes but the main point is if in one side security is enhanced then there may be a chance a new fields of security is born. So  you help the human mankind in the providing security.

I know you enjoyed a lot and know you have to invest in yourself to look the great opportunity of startup in this sectors.