Spotify Premium Mini launched in India for Just ₹7 a day

Spotify Premium Mini Launched in India for Just ₹7 a day. Spotify Premium Mini available with Daily and Weekly Subscriptions, ₹7 a day, or ₹25 a week

Spotify Premium Mini launched in India

Spotify introduces its new Premium Mini plan in India today, to increase its user base in India. The new subscription is currently available in India and offers daily and weekly-based subscriptions to its customers. But this plan is limited only to mobile.

Spotify’s new Premium Mini Plan

Spotify’s new Premium Mini Plan – would let customers choose to pay just ₹7 a day, or ₹25 a week premium plan.

Spotify Premium Mini Plan (₹7/day or ₹25/week) Benefits

With this new Premium Mini Plan, users can get;
  1. Millions of songs and podcasts.
  2. No ads between songs.
  3. 30 song downloads.
  4. Max audio quality High (160 kbps).
Moreover, a user in India can now have the Spotify Premium Mini for around ₹119 per month. However, it is good to note that this version of the service has no limitations, we can make songs download for 10,000/device, on up to 5 devices also with a Max audio quality of over Very high (320 kbps).
Meanwhile, the music and podcast streaming platform has started working on a new feature for its Android users. The new feature is basically an extension of a previously available feature where the platform allowed users to listen to locally downloaded music on their Android/iOS.

How to buy Spotify Premium Mini Plan in India?

To Buy Spotify’s new Premium Mini Plan in India, users don’t need credit cards to make payments. Just we can make payment using UPI and Paytm. With this, Spotify is trying to make its music streaming platform quite popular in the country.

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