10+ Attractive Sonu Name Tattoo Design Idea

If you are searching on the internet for a Sonu name tattoo design that is stylish, unique, and modern which you can easily apply on your arms, neck, chest, and hand then you are at the right place w below we have listed some of the most popular name tattoos which you have never seen before.

Sonu means loved ones or darling which use to call a person whom you love like your wife, son, and girlfriend. Below is some best S name tattoo design are very popular nowadays.

1. Cigarette Tattoo Inked With Sonu Name On Wrist


You see can above the name there is a burning cigarette from which smoke is coming out which represents how time is passing very fast.

2. S Name With Heart Body Art On The Hand


The small heart in this tattoo signifies how much a couple loves each other and what they can do for each other.

3. Simple Name Art Inked On Hand


This S name tattoo looks very beautiful and simple both boys and girls ink this body art on their Neck, finger, and shoulder.

4. Arrow Inked With Name On The Left Hand


Sonu’s name is written and at top of it, there is an arrow that gives this ink a unique and attractive appearance.

5. Beautiful Peacock With Sonu Name Tattoo


Beautiful peacock inked with Sonu name on the wrist which looks so stunning and stylish. this art will be best for young women they can ink this tattoo on their shoulders, neck, and fingers.

6. Heartbeat With S Name Body Art On Hand


This heart sign in this body art represents how much a person is important in your life just like a heart because nobody can live without a heart.

7. Three Bird Inked With Sonu Name


In this design, you can see three birds flying which is so creative and modern. you can ink this art on your chest, neck, and back.

8. Simple Cursive Sonu Name On Hand


Sonu is written in a bold cursive font which is simple and clear but you can also customize it by adding colors and elements.

9. S Name Tattoo Inked On Forearms


This S-name body art is very stylish and perfect, you can ink this on your wrist, forearms, and where you want.

10. Sonu Written In Cursive Tattooed On Forearm



What Is The Meaning Of Sonu?

This is a Hindi word that means darling or loved ones.

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