4 Excellent Roman Reigns Tattoo With Their Meaning

Roman Reigns is a professional wrestler who was born on 25 May 1985 in Florida United States. Reigns started his career in 2010 after that he won 2 times WWE Universal Champion, 3 times WWE Champion, and 5 times WrestleMania Main Event. Today he is an actor and professional wrestler but Roman Reigns big Samoan tattoos are very popular lot his fans want to know about Reigns’ tattoo because his tattoo is so big which starts from his wrist and continues to tell the chest and back shoulder and it attracts everyone who sees this tattoo.

1. Roman Reigns Trible Tattoo on Left Hand


This Trible tattoo of reigns looks very old which starts from his wrist and ends on his shoulder which is really a very big tattoo that signifies power, strength, and sacrifices for achievements and success.

2. Samoan Tribal tattoo on Left Hand

In Samoan Trible, art different elements are used on different parts with their meanings. This Roman Reigns Trible art made by Mike Fatutoa on 5 May 2013 it takes 17 hours of hard work to complete this art which represents power, struggle, strength, and hard work for success. there are also some different elements are used on the shoulder and wrist like a turtle means peace of mind and hard work, triangle means the importance of family in life.

3. Turtle Tattoo On The Wrist of The Left Hand

Small turtle Trible art is on the wrist with a Samoan pattern which represents focus on the goal, peace of mind, long distance to travel to achieve success in the life without stopping and taking rest. This art also signifies believe in yourself and never think you are weaker than others.

4. Triangle Trible Art on Back

On the back of Reigns, you can see there are four triangles art on the Samoan pattern which means that how family members are connected to each other and how important they are in the life of others if we remove any one of them no one can take their place.

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Roman Reigns Full Sleeve Samoan Tattoo Price In India & US?

It may cost you approx Rs.1200-1500 per inch in India and in the US approx $22-75 per inch.

Who is the Tattoo Artist of Reigns?

Reigns Trible art made by Mike Fatutoa on 5 May 2013 it takes 17 hours of hard work to complete this art

What is the Name of Reigns Trible Tattoo?

The name of this art is Samoan Trible Art?

What is The Meaning of Roman Reigns Tattoo?

This Trible art signifies power, strength, and sacrifices for achievements and success in life.

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