Organic Synthesis Using Transition Metals

Download Free PDF book on “Organic Synthesis Using Transition Metals” by Roderick Bates. Transition metals open up new opportunities for synthesis, because their means of bonding and their reaction mechanisms differ from those of the elements of the s and p blocks. In the last two decades the subject has mushroomed – established reactions are seeing both technical improvements and increasing numbers of applications, and new reactions are being developed. Organic Synthesis Using Transition Metals, 2nd Edition considers the ways in which transition metals, as catalysts and reagents, can be used in organic synthesis, both for pharmaceutical compounds and for natural products

Book Content:

  • introduction to transition metals in organic synthesis
  • coupling reactions
  • C-H activation
  • carbonylative coupling reactions
  • alkene and alkyne insertion reactions
  • electrophilic alkene and alkyne complexes
  • reactions of alkyne complexes
  • carbene complexes
  • h3– or p-allyl -allyl complexes
  • diene, dienyl and arene complexes
  • cycloaddition and cycloisomerisation reactions
Book Name Organic Synthesis Using Transition Metals
Author Roderick Bates
Category Chemistry
Book Language English
Publisher A John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
Pages 455
ISBN 9781119978930
Country United Kingdom
Book Size 5.77 MB

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