Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE

Download Free PDF book on “Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE ” by RoseMarie Gallagher and Paul Ingram. Complete Chemistry, Biology and Physics are for students following the Cambridge International Examinations updated syllabuses for Cambridge IGCSE. These three books provide clear, well-written course material and a wealth of questions and exercises, including exam-level revision. In addition to this, an accompanying CD-ROM provides interactive questions, mock exam papers with questions from real past papers, and revision checklists to aid learning.

Book Content:

Chapter 1. States of matter

1.1 Everything is made of particles

1.2 Solids, liquids, and gases

1.3 The particles in solids, liquids, and gases

1.4 A closer look at gases

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Chapter 2. Separating substances

2.1 Mixtures, solutions, and solvents

2.2 Pure substances and impurities

2.3 Separation methods (part I)

2.4 Separation methods (part II)

2.5 More about paper chromatography

The chromatography detectives

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Chapter 3. Atoms and elements

3.1 Atoms and elements

3.2 More about atoms

3.3 Isotopes and radioactivity

3.4 How electrons are arranged

How our model of the atom developed

The atom: the inside story

3.5 The metals and non-metals

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Chapter 4. Atoms combining

4.1 Compounds, mixtures, and chemical change

4.2 Why do atoms form bonds?

4.3 The ionic bond

4.4 More about ions

4.5 The covalent bond

4.6 Covalent compounds

4.7 Comparing ionic and covalent compounds

4.8 Giant covalent structures

4.9 The bonding in metals

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Chapter 5. Reacting masses, and chemical equations

Chapter 6. Using moles

Chapter 7. Redox reactions

Chapter 8. Electricity and chemical change

Chapter 9. Energy changes, and reversible reactions

Chapter 10. The speed of a reaction

Chapter 11. Acids and bases

Chapter 12. The Periodic Table

Chapter 13. The behaviour of metals

Chapter 14. Making use of metals

Chapter 15. Air and water

Chapter 16. Some non-metals and their compounds

Chapter 17. Organic chemistry

Chapter 18. Polymers

Chapter 19. In the lab

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Book Name Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE
Author RoseMarie Gallagher and Paul Ingram
Category Chemistry
Book Language English
Publisher OXFORD University Press
Pages 322
ISBN 9780199147991
Country United Status
Book Size 32.4 MB

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