Bank passbooks are important documents and it can frustrating if they are lost. You will have to follow complex procedures intimating the loss, convincing the manager for issuing the duplicate copy of the passbook. You will have to draft an application for the lost passbook and send it to the manager. While some banks have duplicate passbook application form, others require a letter furnishing all your important details, address proof, identity proof and other testimonials proving your identity.

Application to Police Station for lost bank passbook


Many banks consider it essential for their account holders to report the loss of bank passbook in the Police Station. This confirms that the passbook is actually lost and the reason for issuing the lost passbook is genuine. If your passbook is stolen or lost under suspicious circumstances, it is better to file an FIR in the Police Station. This can also prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your account and using your funds.

New or duplicate passbook request letter

You have to write a letter to the bank manager for issuing new or duplicate passbook that will allow you to continue your bank transactions. How to write such a letter? Here are some guidelines that can help you draft a good request letter for new passbook.

Address the letter to the bank manager

While drafting the new passbook letter, address it to the manager of the branch in which you have the account. Follow it with the name of the bank branch and its significant address.

Ex: To:

The Manager,



New South Wales

Mention Your Specific Purpose in the subject of the letter

In the subject line mention the purpose of writing the letter.

Ex: Request for the issue of new passbook

Be polite, precise and correct

Be polite, courteous and place your request to the manager.

Correct Details

Ensure that all the furnished information are accurate especially the savings account number, your name as per the bank records etc.

State Your Loss In the opening lines

I want to report the loss of my passbook for the savings account no: 2478 in your esteemed bank.

Specify how you lost your passbook

How did you lose your bank passbook? Mention it specifically for the manager to know that your statement is true and genuine.

Ex: I lost it during a train journey when my baggage was stolen.

Request for the issue of new passbook or duplicate passbook

In the letter, request for the issue of new passbook or duplicate passbook. You could request them to send your new passbook to your postal address.

Ex: Kindly send my passbook to the postal address mentioned below.

Thank the manager

Thank the manager for his time and service. You could simply thank him

Ex: Thanking You,

Conclude the letter

You can end your letter with your signature, name (as per the bank records) and your entire postal address.

Ex: Sarah Ibin

No. 172/3A, Cockle Wharf


New South Wales

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