Letter for admission requirement? If you have children implies all your time is spend on finding admission in schools. You have to apply admission for all your children irrespective of their age. If you are transferred to another location, then you have to again find admissions in schools located close to your homes. If your child has difficulty in adjusting in a particular school, it is another instance of seeking admission. In all these circumstances, it is essential to draft letter of admission. Most schools prefer the letter of admission to be drafted by the student himself. While a request letter for admission in primary school or request letter for UKG admission is usually written by parents, application letter for admission to secondary school or higher secondary can be written by the student himself.
  • Address to the principal

Address the letter to the principal of the school and write it in the most polite tone. This will impress them on the attitude of the students and his conduct.

  • Reason of transfer from the former educational institution

There are plenty of reasons each student has to leave the former school and apply for admission in another school. May be the student is seeking admission as their parents have a transferable job. Another reason could be the standard and quality of education. Better standards of education can elicit the students to seek admission in a better school. It could also be an adjustment issue that is compelling the students to find admission in another school. Most ambitious parents seek admission for their children in schools with better infrastructure, good faculties and training facilities. They prefer to enrol their children in schools with state-of-the-art facilities and focus on the complete personality development of their children.

If your reasons are not the ones mentioned above, include that specific reasons and convince the admission committee to offer your child admission in their reputed school.

  • Mention the highlights and top attractions of the institution

It is a smart idea to include the highlights of the schools and express your interests in them. This shows your interest in the educational institution. If you are seeking admission in a new school belonging to a deemed group of institutions, mention your interests in the top facilities offered by the group for the welfare of the students and their complete personality development.

  • Keep the letter short

You may have volumes to share but keep the letter short and precise. But do not forget to mention the details. Mention the name of the previous institution. The grade or class last attended in this institution. Also mention the name of the new institution, the grade or class that you are seeking admission.

  • Let the letter be polite

Ensure that as all academic and scholastic communications, the admission letter is polite. The student is addressing highly educated faculties and they have to be very polite in their addressing and conveying information.

  • Extra-curricular achievements

Mention all top achievements in sports and extra-curricular activities. This can easily impress the admission committee to grand your admission.

Ex: Gold medalist in athletics at inter-school athletics meet

Won First Prize in Dramatics at inter-school competition.

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