8 Best Khushi Name Tattoo Design Ideas

Khushi is a Hindi word that means happiness or excitement, this name is very popular in Asia but it is really very difficult to find a perfect Khushi name tattoo design that they can ink on their body and that looks unique, stunning, and beautiful. so that we have designed some best body art for you which is simple and modern.

We have listed below some of the best Khushi name ink which you can easily ink on your chest, wrist, forearm, shoulder, and neck, these tattoo designs are perfect for both men and women.

1. Love With Khushi Name Inked On The Hand


Khushi with a love sign on the top looks unique and stylish which represents love, importance, and trust between the couples.

2. Heart Flower With Khushi Name Inked On The Hand


This design is modern and perfect, you can see there is a beautiful heart flower which gives this tattoo a unique look.

3. Name With Heartbeat Tattoo On The Arm

K name inked with a heartbeat which signifies the love between life partners and they are incomplete without each other.

4. Name With Small Heart Body Art On The Forearm


The green color heart is really different from regular body art, if you don’t like the color of the heart you can change it.

5. Flower With Khushi Name Art On The Wrist


Khushi name in bold black color with a lovely flower inked on the wrist, which is stunning and catchy.

6. Butterfly Tattoo With K Name Inked On The Hand


Beautiful butterfly with K name looks very attractive and stylish which you can ink on your chest, neck, and shoulder.

7. Music Sign With Name Art On The Arm


This Khushi tattoo inked on the arm represents music and the importance of music in life.

8. Khushi Name Inked With Three Birds On The Wrist


This design will be best for both men and women which is modern and beautiful you can ink this art on your arms, wrist, shoulder, and back.


What Is The Meaning Of Khushi?

Khushi is a Hindi word that means happiness and excitement.

What Is The Price Of This Tattoo?

The price of the art depends on the size, it may cost you up to Rs.3500 in India.

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