Inorganic Structural Chemistry By Ulrich Muller

Download Free PDF book on “Inorganic Structural Chemistry” by Ulrich Muller. Inorganic Chemistry The aim of this series of textbooks is to reflect the breadth of modern research in inorganic chemistry and to fulfil the need for texts in advanced areas. The series will cover the whole range of inorganic chemistry with the publication of books in general and physical chemistry, solid state chemistry, coordination chemistry, organometallic chemistry, main group chemistry and bioinorganic chemistry. Inorganic Structural Chemistry Ulrich Müller Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Kassel, Germany Inorganic Structural Chemistry deals with the elucidation and description of the spatial order of atoms in a compound.

Book Name Inorganic Structural Chemistry
Author Ulrich Muller
Category Chemistry
Book Language English
Publisher John Wiley & Sons Ltd
Pages 281
ISBN 978-0-470-018
Country United Kingdom
Book Size 10.0 MB

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