Analytical Chemistry By D. Kealey and P. J. Haines

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Table of Contents

Section A – The nature and scope of analytical chemistry

A1 Analytical chemistry, its functions, and applications
A2 Analytical problems and procedures
A3 Analytical techniques and methods
A4 Sampling and sample handling
A5 Calibration and standards
A6 Quality in analytical laboratories
Section B Assessment of data
B1 Errors in analytical measurements
B2 Assessment of accuracy and precision
B3 Significance testing
B4 Calibration and linear regression
B5 Quality control and chemometrics
Section C Analytical reactions in solution
C1 Solution equilibria
C2 Electrochemical reactions
C3 Potentiometry
C4 pH and its control
C5 Titrimetry I: acid-base titrations
C6 Complexation, solubility, and redox equilibria
C7 Titrimetry II: complexation, precipitation, and redox titrations
C8 Gravimetry
C9 Voltammetry and amperometry
C10 Conductimetry

Analytical Chemistry by D. Kealey

Section D Separation techniques
D1 Solvent and solid-phase extraction
D2 Principles of chromatography
D3 Thin-layer chromatography
D4 Gas chromatography: principles and instrumentation
D5 Gas chromatography: procedures and applications
D6 High-performance liquid chromatography: principles and instrumentation
D7 High-performance liquid chromatography: modes, procedures, and applications
D8 Electrophoresis and electrochromatography: principles and instrumentation
D9 Electrophoresis and electrochromatography: modes, procedures, and applications

Analytical Chemistry by D. Kealey

Section E Spectrometric techniques
E1 Electromagnetic radiation and energy levels
E2 Atomic and molecular spectrometry
E3 Spectrometric instrumentation
E4 Flame atomic emission spectrometry
E5 Inductively coupled plasma spectrometry
E6 X-ray emission spectrometry
E7 Atomic absorption and atomic fluorescence spectrometry
E8 Ultraviolet and visible molecular spectrometry: principles and instrumentation
E9 Ultraviolet and visible molecular spectrometry: applications
E10 Infrared and Raman spectrometry: principles and instrumentation
E11 Infrared and Raman spectrometry: applications
E12 Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry: principles and instrumentation
E13 Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry: interpretation of proton and carbon-13 spectra
E14 Mass spectrometry

Section F Combined techniques
F1 Advantages of combined techniques
F2 Sample identification using multiple spectrometric techniques data
F3 Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
F4 Gas chromatography–infrared spectrometry
F5 Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry

Section G Thermal methods

G1 Thermogravimetry
G2 Differential thermal analysis and differential scanning calorimetry
G3 Thermomechanical analysis
G4 Evolved gas analysis

Analytical Chemistry by D. Kealey

Section H – Sensors, automation, and computing
H1 Chemical sensors and biosensors
H2 Automated procedures
H3 Computer control and data collection
H4 Data enhancement and databases
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