7 Perfect Harsh Name Tattoo Design Idea

Harsh is a Hindi word that means happiness and joy. this name very popular and common and there are a lot of people how are searching for a Harsh name tattoo design on the internet, to help you we have designed some of the best body art for you which is modern and creative for both men and women can ink this art on their body.

We have listed below some of the most unique and elegant Harsh name tattoo styles which are attractive and stunning, you can also follow us on social media for the latest body art design and updates.

1. Harsh Name Design In Tesla Font


If you want to ink a modern style of body art then this Tesla font tattoo will be perfect for you and you can ink this art on your wrist, neck, and shoulder.

2. Sword Inked With Harsh Name Body Art On The Wrist


A Sword inked with Harsh name looks very creative and beautiful which represents self confidence, and courage to fight for success.

3. Harsh Name with Stars Tattoo

This tattoo looks really very elegant and stylish, both boys and girls can ink this art on their finger, neck, forearm, and shoulder.

4. Cursive H Name Inked With Arrow On The Hand


H name body art inked with an arrow in green color looks perfect on the forearm which signifies hard work to become successful in life.

5. Heartbeat Body Art Inked With H Name


In this design, you can see the Harsh name is written and heartbeat is connected with it, if you want to customize the art you can change the color of the heartbeat.

6. Dotted Arrow Inked With Name On The Forearm


Three dotted arrows inked on the top of the H name which is creative and simple, you can also customize this body art by adding font and elements.

7. Harsh Name Design Inked With Eagle Tattoo


Flying eagle tattooed on the arm with name in bold black color which represents the brave heart and dare to face the enemy.


What Is The Meaning Of Harsh?

Harsh is a very popular and common name in the Indian subcontinent which is a Hindi word that means happiness and joy.

How Much Time It Will Take To Ink This Art?

It will take 3 to 4 hours to ink this art on your body.

What Is The Price Of This Tattoo?

In India, it will cost of up to Rs.5000 to ink a simple art.

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