Google Word Coach (Study with Google), a fun word game in the search results to increase your vocabulary

Google Word Coach is a simple game to expand your English language vocabulary- open a Google Search and start typing “Google Word Coach” in the search

What is ‘Google Word Coach’?

Have you ever heard the word Google word coach (Study with Google)?  Students and Teachers, do you know to Google Word Coach?
Google Word Coach is a game developed by Google in 2018, I found out for the first time today by searching for the meaning of a word in English on Google! I find it useful to share it with you, to test your English, and to improve your English Vocabulary. This tool helps you to build vocabulary by simply playing with the questions.

Improve your vocabulary with Google Word Coach?

It’s a Google word game to broaden English vocabulary. Apparently, it only works on mobile, just google ‘Word Coach’.
The game consists of questions related to English words, for example, what is the synonym or opposite of… There can also be photos to relate to words, which is wonderful because associating the new word with a representation is better than translating often literal into English.

English one word a day with Google Word Coach

Whether English is difficult or easy for you, Google Word Coach is ready to make vocabulary learning fun!. If you try to serve the word Slice meaning or Define Slice in via mobile google. Besides the meaning of the word, there is a small box on the side that asks us to try to compare between two words. The question comes to ask which word is similar to Slice. Let’s choose between Pie and Piece which we can continue to play 5 questions at a time.
The score will be kept. In addition to starting with a (meaning or define….) word, you can also search Google Word Coach and the game will bounce right away. Some of the words that we answer incorrectly will come back to us to try again until we can remember. If you keep playing, you can level up to see difficult words. If we start playing in a row for many days, Google will invite us to come back. Play via Internet mobile too. I repeat you have to play via mobile phone only. You can’t play on the computer. If you want to practice English easily, don’t miss it.

How to use Google Word Coach?

To use Google’s built-in Word Coach (game);
  • Enter Google Word Coach into the Google search box and hit the Enter key or click on the Google Search button.
  • The search results show you some words.
  • Just choose which word is similar to the getup.
  • It will display the correct or wrong answer.
  • After completion of all questions, it will display your Score of Perfection with explanations.
This is how Google displays the Score of perfection;
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