Genuine Temporary Entrant Letter

Writing a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) letter that can assert the purpose of your entry to Australia as temporary is an important aspect of the visa application process to Australia. As a Genuine Temporary Entrant letter is a multi-faceted document that must address a variety of reasons, creating one is a tougher job, easier said than done. There is no doubt that a well-developed and engaging GTE letter must always address all the criteria of the Department of Home Affairs, Australia.

It might surprise you to know that a Genuine Temporary Entrant letter is definitely different from a Statement of Purpose even though both of them are required while submitting an application for an Australia visa application. We have extensive experience of working with a range of aspiring professionals and students. This has made us one of the best in the field to create compelling Genuine Temporary Entrant letters for Australia.

We go all possible lengths to ensure that all our clients get impeccable GTE letters, as per their requirements, that are;

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We understand that messing up your GTE letter can adversely affect your visa application and cost you a lot of money. Having realized this, we have created an exceptional GTE letter writing approach to deliver the best letters for our clients.

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Genuine Temporary Entrant or GTE letter is a formal document needed by the Department of Home Affairs, Australia from students who seek to study in Australia. The department needs to understand the intent of the student to see if the student will stay in Australia for the duration of the academic course and will return to their home country after the intended purpose is served.

The department uses the Genuine Temporary Entrant letter to make the decision as to whether or not the student’s case is genuine to come to Australia. This will lead to the acceptance of rejection of the visa application. While many students have the intent of staying back in Australia after their course and building a career in the country, it is important to mention that the student will return home after the course. If the student has any other plan, they can pursue the same after the courses are over.

In a way, Genuine Temporary Entrant letter is the only document that a student can use to convince the Department of Home Affairs, Australia about the future goals, aspirations, and plans of the student. This will help the department see the eligibility of the student to study in Australia and process the student visa as genuine temporary entrant.

How to Write a Genuine Temporary Entrant Letter for Australia Visa?

While many think that writing a Genuine Temporary Entrant letter is extremely difficult, we like to consider it as more demanding and complex. Of course, it is not an easy task to do so. However, it is not impossible either.

There are Genuine Temporary Entrant letter writing service providers that make sample GTE letters online purposefully difficult to mislead students into thinking that it is not possible to write a GTE on one’s own. We do not do that. If a student is able to work hard, put in the right efforts, and research deeply enough, they can possibly write Genuine Temporary Entrant letters even better than the samples and examples one might see online.

However, one does not underestimate the importance of a GTE letter. In addition, the ability of the person writing the Genuine Temporary Entrant letter to put ideas and visions effectively into cohesive sentences is also important. This may be one area where most students would have a problem. And that’s where GTE writing services providers like us can really help you. Since we have a team of experienced, creative, and trained writers, sensible, creative, and focused sentences come naturally to us.

That’s why most students try to seek the help of experienced Genuine Temporary Entrant writers to write their GTEs for Australia student visas.

Is Genuine Temporary Entrant Letter Any Different from SOP?

If you consider the content of both GTE and SOP, they are almost the same. They also serve almost similar purposes—explaining why you want to study in a country and what you will do after the course. Both of them focus on the future plan of the student with the emphasis on coming back to home country for a better career.

From such a perspective, there really isn’t much different between these two. However, they cannot be interchanged either. This is due to the fact that an SOP is a more elaborate document that takes into consideration deeply about the student’s motivation to study in a university in any country. At the same time, GTE is unique for visa application in Australia.

Apart from these, there really isn’t any difference between these two documents on the fundamental level. Even though the format or the template of the Genuine Temporary Entrant letter is different from that of an SOP, they really are two similar documents trying to convey the eligibility of the students for visa and admission.

How Can We Help You with Our GTE Letter Writing Services?

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For nearly a decade, we have been in the forefront of developing a variety of letters for our clients from around the world with different requirements in diverse niches. This has endowed us with a range of skills and competences in the field to become well-fortified in meeting all requirements of the clients at all times.

We have realized from our experience that a well-drafted GTE letter can make a world of difference to the visa application. As such, we never shy away from working hard to incorporate all the important, relevant and curated information to the GTE letter that we create to strengthen the application of our clients.

Our inventive approach follows the below-given steps:

  • Step #1: Learning about the requirements of the clients
  • Step #2: Getting to know about the quality expectations of the clients
  • Step #3: Understanding the background of the letter
  • Step #4: Finalizing the most suitable format for the same
  • Step #5: Developing the first draft of the GTE letter as per the sample, if any
  • Step #6: Review for quality checking – reviewing and editing
  • Step #7: Sending the copy with the client for client-side review
  • Step #8: Incorporating the final comments of the client and finalizing the same

These stages help us carefully develop the most effective and precisely developed GTE letter in the most effective of formats to get the job done.

For us, the satisfaction and delight of the customers matter the most. Therefore, we never pull us away from going walking the extra mile to develop the most suitable and perfect GTE letter as per the specific needs of the clients at all times.

With our expert GTE letter writers, you will be able to:

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Genuine Temporary Entrant Letter Sample Format

One of the major challenges that most students face while trying to write a GTE letter for an Australia visa is deciding the format. Many think that there is no format or a definite template for Genuine Temporary Entrant statements. Over the years of our experience, while we follow a certain format with the GTE, we also believe that there is no one right or wrong format.

We believe that it is important to follow a unique narrative structure to keep the GTE cohesive, focused, and comprehensible. However, what you express and how you express your goals, motivations, and the circumstances of visa application that really makes the GTE impress the admission committee.

Saying that there is not a defined format does not mean that a GTE letter can be written in any way a student wants. Since this is a formal document that has tremendous weightage with a student’s Australian student visa application, there must be a disciplined approach with the format.

Start the GTE letter addressing the Visa Officer and then introduce yourself. Also talk about the name of the course, the institute, and the duration of the course. Once you have done with these details, you can go ahead with writing the GTE letter to explain why you are a genuine student looking for entry into Australia for temporary academic purposes.

Having said that, let us present to you a sample Genuine Temporary Entrant letter for Australia visa right here for your reference:


Name:  —————-

Address:  132B, Tennyson Avenue,

Denver, Collorado

USA 12032

Email:  _______________


Visa Officer,

High Commission of Australia

Subject: Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement for the Application of Student Visa

Institute Name: Deakin University, Australia

Course Name: Masters in Information Technology

Respected Sir/Madam

Challenges help an individual to learn and grow, both personal and career wise. The continuous learning process enhances one’s skillset and discernment, which in turn leads to a fulfilling future. As an ambitious person, I always carried an innate drive to gather maximum knowledge about the areas of my interest. I love to undertake challenges so as to evolve myself as a better individual. I, Ritu Rajkumar, hail from Rajkot, Gujarat. As a computer application graduate, I have over 5 years of work experience.

I am seeking to do further studies so as to augment my professional growth and acquire advanced knowhow and skills pertaining to the ever-evolving computing world. For that, I applied the Masters in Information Technology program at Deakin University in Australia and secured the admission for the same. I strongly believe that this would be a turning point for me and my career. I am thereby applying for the Genuine Temporary Entrant by providing a detailed summary about myself that will help you to assess my profile thoroughly. I affirm that my purpose of visiting Australia is purely for academics and temporary. I am furnishing all the relevant and vital information regarding my personal, academic and professional background for supporting my reason for pursuing the proposed course in Australia.

Why I Chose Masters in Information Technology from Deakin University?

I realised that a master’s program will develop my existing professional expertise and bring me advanced skills and industry insights. The proposed Masters in Information Technology offered at Deakin University is apt for my academic requirement, in such a way that, it will prepare me to deal with complex issues and challenges as faced in contemporary computing arenas. It will provide me pragmatic knowledge and mould me into a thorough IT professional.

Being a married woman, I took a break from my professional life in order to help my husband in setting up his new bakery venture. This gap gave me enough time to contemplate about my career interest and aspirations. Pursuing a master’s degree seemed to be a perfect idea to add value to my profile and hone my skills so as to emerge as a competent professional. When I expressed my academic objectives to my husband, he extended his wholehearted support and encouraged me to do higher studies. Ever since I made up my mind to do further education, I have been immersed in extensive online research. For many reasons, I chose Deakin University over several renowned universities in Australia. Online university reviews and students’ forums vastly influenced me to go with this particular choice. Most of them hailed the university for its academic excellence, great infrastructure and brilliant and supportive faculty. I was pretty much impressed to find that the university has excellent QS Ranking and is in the list of top 10 universities in Australia. Besides having an illustrious line of alumni, the esteemed university is well-regarded for implementing advanced pedagogical concepts and providing beyond-the-classroom learning experience, that effectively prepares the students for their chosen career. I am certain to receive a holistic academic experience by pursuing the Master’s program from this venerated university. These are some of the major factors that attracted me towards Deakin University.

Course Relevancy with My Academic Background

Right from my childhood, I showed an inclination towards computers. I chose to do Bachelors in Computer Application for my graduation, only for my penchant for computing field. At RK University, Rajkot, I was thrilled to have got acquainted with a wide range of subjects that aligned with my field of interest. Computer Programming, Digital Circuits and Logic Designs, Data Structures, Operating Systems and Database Management System are some of the core topics that I found quite stimulating. I remember that I had eagerly imbibed all the theoretical and practical aspects of the subjects. I showed high involvement in carrying out academic projects. I was specifically felt enriched when I worked on my final year project, that was entitled as ‘Library Management System’. It gave me enough scope to utilise whatever I knowledge that I gained then as well as get equipped with additional skills. In course of my graduation, I also felt fascinated to learn about Data Analytics, Networking and Big Data, which actually motivated me to take up the career of a Data Analyst, Data Manager or Software Engineer someday. I believe that the proposed Master’s program truly matches my prior academic background and give me a chance to delve deeper into data-oriented domain and understand its intricacies thoroughly.

How My Current Qualifications Matches with the Chosen Course?

I started my career journey right after I completed my graduation. I chose to acquire adequate professional expertise and exposure instead of doing higher studies. I joined ______ in 2011 as a Technical Associate. After receiving 2 years of experience, I went on to accept the job position of CRM Practitioner at ______ in 2013. Later in 2014, I joined _______ to work as Technical Support. I resigned from this job following my marriage in 2016. After 9 months of professional break, I joined ______ in 2017. But very soon, I had to resign the job because I had to shift to another city along with my husband to launch his new business. Through my extensive work experience in information technology, I have amassed broad industry insights and familiarised with varied kinds of technologies and techniques used commonly. While I have been performing my professional duties efficiently, I have consciously felt that I lacked advanced knowledge and sufficient skills to handle new challenges in relevant field. The Master’s program will thus be beneficial in bridging the academic gap and enhance my competencies. With the intensive coursework and trainings in the program, I will be shaped into a proficient professional. To prove my proficiency in English language, I had also undertaken IELTS exam, in which I obtained an overall band score of 6.5.

Future Plans & Career Aspirations

Once I finish the Master’s program successfully, I intend to return to India and look for employment opportunities in reputed ITeS or IT firms namely Google, Amazon or Accenture. In recent years, there has been a great boom in the information technology sector in India, thanks to campaigns like ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make in India’, which are being heavily promoted by the Indian government. By utilising the newly acquired academic expertise and skills from the proposed Master’s program, I wish to make novel contributions to the IT field. The international qualification that I would obtain will definitely enhance my career profile and help me to attract rewarding job opportunities in my home country. After gaining considerable work experience, I have planned to launch my own IT company that will provide effective and affordable computing solutions that will aid in the growth of start-ups and small-scale businesses. I wish to bring in a radical and positive change in the rural parts of my country through my IT firm and help in the welfare of communities living there.

Reasons to Come Back to My Home Country

I have planned to come back to India, once I complete the Master’s program and there are various reasons for doing so. Mainly, I have my entire family in India. Being a married woman, it is my duty to take care of my husband and his family. They have been highly supportive about my academic goals and motivated me to do higher studies from abroad. I am very much attached to my family and I wouldn’t be able to stay apart from them for a long time. So, I wish to return to them as soon as I finish chasing my academic pursuits in Australia. Also, I have plans to launch my own IT company in my own home country, in the future. All my investments and assets are in India and I have to take care of them. All these factors make it necessary for me to return to India.

Financial Background

As a part of the financial obligations that an international student has to abide to, I would like to inform that my education fee and living expenditure in Australia will be funded by my husband. He is financially sound and has sufficient savings and fixed deposits, worth INR 5 million, in his bank account. Also, I have my own savings, worth nearly INR 1.5 million, accrued from my 5 years of work experience. I am certain that these funds will be enough to cover all the expenses that I might face during my temporary stay in Australia. I am attaching all the documents that support the financial status of my husband as a proof.

I am aware that I need to meet certain visa obligations and, in that view, I am applying for Visa Subclass 500. I give my assurance to abide to the following clauses:

  • I must maintain a minimum attendance of 80%.
  • I am permitted to do a part-time job of maximum 40 hours per fortnight.
  • I must maintain a health insurance throughout the duration of visa.
  • I must score minimum of 50% in each subject to pass the course.
  • I cannot change the university for six months once my enrolment is done.


Apart from all the details and information provided, I am attaching required documents to support the same for your scrutiny. With this, I am fervently applying for the Student Visa so that I pursue the master’s program and secure a concrete career in information technology. I humbly request you to give a thorough consideration to my profile and application and extend an affirmative response.

Thanking you


Ritu Rajkumar

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