8+ Best Divya Name Tattoo Design Idea

Divya is a Sankrit word very popular name in India which Means fearless or braveheart. In this post, we are going to share with you some best Divya name tattoos for which you are searching, this all tattoo design is modern, stunning, and unique. you can ink this body art on your chest, neck, shoulder, wrist, and forearms.

You can also customize this Divya name style by changing colors, adding elements and font as per your choice. you can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates.

1. Divya Name With Wing Inked On Forearm


Divya name with a small wing which signifies the dreams which you want to make true in your life with your hard work just like birds.

2. Beautiful A Name With Heartbeat Tattoo


Name with a heartbeat that is stylish and modern and which represents how much you love your life partner and what you can do for her.

3. Star With Divya Name Body Art On Hand


Stars with Divya name style is very creative and perfect for both boys and girls who want to ink this art on their bodies.

4. Red Heart With A Name Inked On Wrist


You can in this design there is a small heart with Divya’s name which represents how this person is connected with the heart of her partner.

5. Divya Name With Arrow Tattoo On Forearm


This tattoo on the forearms with an arrow looks very stylish and creative you can also change the color of the arrow.

6. Simple A Name In Bold Black Body Art


Simple A name in bold black font inked on the right wrist. if you want to make changes in his body art you add some elements.

7. Leaves With Divya Name Ink


This Divya name with leaves inked on the forearms is attractive looking which represents beautiful life where you have all things which come in your dream.

8. Flowers Art With A Name Inked On Hand


You can see A name is written in bold black font and below it, there are two flowers tied in rope.


What Is The Meaning Of Divya?

Divya is a Sanskrit word that Means fearless or braveheart.

What Is The Price Of These Tattoos?

It may cost you up to Rs.5000 in India.

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