Why do fathers obey more daughter than son?

It was a matter of time that a farmer lived in a village, he had three sons and a daughter. He worked hard to teach his three sons, writing on the three sons for a very big job and the three sons of that farmer went abroad. On the same day the distribution of the farmers is one day so that his wife was ill, the mother of the three daughters of the wise, the farmer called her first son and said son is sick ill come home early Then the first son answered: Papa, I am on training for 3 years. Please call both of your brothers. Then the farmer called his second son. The other son speaks to his father. Papa is my wife’s pregnant, then you are the two brothers Call me, so I can not come. Then the farmer called his third son by calling the third son, the farmer said, ‘Son, your mother is sick, so if you come home quickly then she The son speaks Papa, I am about to come home after 3 months and I will come back after 3 months. Then you call these two brothers and call them home. In this way, the three sons of the farmer made some excuses and poorly The farmer started thinking that today our three sons have become so busy that they can not come to see their sick mother. The father could not handle himself and he called his daughter to call her daughter. They say that mother is ill, daughter weeps after mother’s sick condition, and she says, “Dad, do not be afraid of you. Take care of yourself. I am coming home quickly, father says, daughter, how do you come if daughter speaks?” Father, you do not have to take tension, so I am reaching there with the first flight of my husband’s army. You do not take tension. Father, my daughter, my husband, my husband’s business will talk about what will happen I and my husband are coming there from the first flight of the army. You speak the daughter in tension. Father, daughter, what will happen to your husband’s business, daughter speaks father. You are talking like this even now, no more work than mother is necessary. Had you used to take care of yourself and take care of your mother, I pray to God that my mother will be cured quickly, father started thinking that today’s age we ask sons, but not daughter J. Beto refused to come, for whom the loan was taken, whom we were paying for, and the daughter whom we never considered, we did not even respect it, she left all her work, and with her husband you did not affect the workings and business of your husband With just coming to the mother Father Rover tears in his eyes, the father starts weeping again and say today those people who say we are not son, we do not have daughter, son wants E Tears to start to flow from the eyes and say that those people of today who are idiots who speak, we should not have a daughter, because the daughter works only in troubles