What is the truth of our life?

The truth of our life is that he never found what he wanted. Now he thought that he never got it. He did not come to us. He did not remember the one who was lost. He kept remembering and he found it difficult to handle. The puzzle is ours too which is very difficult to understand, if you have to compromise in life, then there is no big deal because the bends is the same in which life happens and then the dead is also a wrestler. There are many ways to live life. Learn how to achieve the first one who likes it. Learn to love the one who is second. It is not easy to live life, without struggle, you can not become great, therefore you should live life. You will have to struggle for it until you get a hammer injury in your hand, then you do not understand, because the stones are also God, life is a lot of Sikhs Ti ever laugh so never cry is that the true Nitu Tomar side That’s life every recent happy life tilt his head forward in