Top facts of ( Information Industry ) IT Industry which everyone should know

Everyone is well aware of Information Technology and in the going future Information Technology will really change the world yes you are really a mail that who information technology work and information technology are rapidly growing in this article I will show you that information technology. I want to attract the people of all over the world that you have to manage all the things and all the stops in and according to the way at information information technology that the main thing you have to understand that Information Technology has great demand at all over the world information for the new happening in one country is a nanosecond of time it goes to another country that holds it possible with the help of Information Technology we are going out information technology.

Even if you want to make a career in information technology field this will be the best option for you yes Information Technology will give you all pleasure and all happiness because a lot of money in information technology field of it in another field like doctor field like all other field just the information technology request the same thing or the first the same money to grow yes if you grow in information technology you will really able to manage a lot of money yes you may think like Microsoft Google Yahoo Oracle company. Are you thinking about Stock Market is stock market releasing the software of Information Technology when you trade or when you invest in stock market know then stock market is online yes time for Once upon a time there was a way of offline information technology or offline sharing of the stocks but when the information technology comes into the market all the stock no online. yes, I am going to show you the lawyer lot of things and all the things are really playing the very important role in the way of managing the country or in the way of all the fields to work properly yes the information.

but when I am going to talk about it yes it seems really very very important for you know the peoples are not able to understand the opportunity in the field of IT industry and their lot of countries who are Who is still not able to use Information Technology very efficiently yes but some of the country who is really able to use the information technology very very fear you are well aware of the USA, China, and Japan what you made thing that which country growing day by day and another country not able to grow yes the main reason behind this is the man and the most of the countries men income is coming from Titan just results yes you may think about Foxconn unifox you not talk so not know but the Foxconn in a company which is managed in not in the USA but the product of the fox con is used by one Apple but you think that yes it is possible yes yes it is possible but the other countries like Google Microsoft Oracle.