Top countries for doing business in 2021

As of the 2019 report of Worlds Bank, these are the top 10 countries from where you should start your business.

Countries Opportunity
1. New Zealand In New Zealand starting a business only takes a few hours for an entrepreneur. The time taken is only simple online form fill procedure.
2. Singapore The country has two major benefits first is easy startup policy and second is location, Both makes it very easy for international businesses also.
3. Denmark The country has a modern market economy and it also features high tech agriculture, extensive government welfare and comfortable living standards etc.
4. Hong Kong Hong Kong assures foreign companies with an ideal location and access to the international market. And in addition of this country also provides tax-friendly jurisdiction.
5. South Korea The main benefits of this countries is corporate tax of the country is beneficial for foreign.
6. Georgia The country has changed many local regulatory framework which make ease of doing business for local and international peoples.
7. Norway The country has reduced corporate tax rate to attract foreign investors and also lowering down the tax year by year
8. United States The United States is one of the hub of most major technology companies in the world.
9. United Kingdom United Kingdom has been performing so well on economic indicators and it attracts investors from all around the world.
10. Macedonia Because of ease of registering the country continuous attract foreign investors.

These countries has provided many opportunities to the startups also.