Top 10 tips to Compose your Own Song using Software

Any types of songs can be produced using full-featured music production software. with the help of software, you will be capable to record multi-track audio, and you also able to sequence and mix the audio for creating professional quality music.

You will also get the amazing additional features which will help you to create different style music, these features are VST & DX hosting, flexible mixer, advanced MIDI, DX and ReWire support.

Now I am going to show you some of the important features which will help you to create and compose your own music.

  1. Multi-track audio recording: With software, you will be able to record audio in multiple tracks, This will help you to create quality audio songs.
  2. Audio editing and manipulation: This is one of the important steps of song production because in these steps you Correct audio Pitch, shift the pitch, harmonization, and warp the audio.
  3. Instruments & Effects: Songs becomes powerful when you use the instruments and their effects in a good manner. This also helps you to use third-party VST.
  4. Piano roll: Set different types of Per-note automation, and MIDI channels and slides for creating different types of tones.
  5. Playlist: This is the important part of software from where you manage multiple track audio and different instruments sounds and effects.
  6. Record: Song is the mixture of input from keyboards, drum pads and other MIDI compatible.
  7. Multiple inputs – Connect as many MIDI devices as you like and control onboard instruments independently.
  8. Mix and remix audio – Audio effects such as delay, reverb & filtering.
  9. VST – The entire FL Studio application can be hosted inside other DAW software as a multi-output VST instrument.
  10. Clip triggering – Trigger Audio, Automation and Pattern clips from MIDI controllers.