Top 10 Things you should check while going to travel

if you are planning to travel from one place to another place it will be a very fun time for you but along with that,
you have to keep them all the things with you. Think if you are going to travel and forget some things then it may cause
your happiness lesser or it may create some trouble for you. So you must have to do this things before going to travel.
1. Select your tourist place according to money, Place and weather conditions.
2. Book your ticket as according to your plan.
3. Book your hotel as according to your plan.
4. Make a list of all the necessary things.
5. Ready all the necessary things which is required to you.
6. Keep your ATM card and other stuffs ready.
7. Keep light food ready.
8. Preapere some breakfast food.
9. Prepare your wearable cloths.
10. Check all the stuffs with you.
Be active while traveling…