If you are looking for starting a business, I really salute your decision. The first things which I suggest to you, you choose those industry fields in which you have good knowledge Because in long run your knowledge is going to help you lot. And in addition to your own fields if you want to explore your industry then you look for these profitable industries.

These companies are listed based on the performance and quality of the product provided by the companies. And the ranking also included the customer support of the company.

profitable Industry Overview & Scope
1. Real Estate As we all know the area of land is fixed but because of population growth, the demand for land is increasing rapidly. And this is the main reason the price of land increasing day by day. So this industry has great profitability options.
2. Rental and Leasing  People are always interested to use higher price/volume products and services at low cost. In this industry the get almost 100% benefits of rent or lease.
3. Health This is the most important fields because of day by day the no. of patient increases. And due to this reason, the demand of health practitioner increases day by day.
4. Legal Services In every field of your life, there is a requirement of legacy. And the main things is time to time the law gets updated which makes the opportunity of legal services industry to grow.
5. Accounting and Tax This industry mainly deals with financial management under government law. The government needs proper accounts reports for tax purpose.
 6. Medicine Here the price fluctuation gives the opportunity to the medicine
7. Oil and Gas Extraction The demand for gas oil and gas is continuously increasing. In this industry, the profit margin is more with respect to extraction or oil and gas. Which makes this industry more profitable
8. Fresh Food This is one of the evergreen industry in which customer, may pay higher for fresh food. But in this industry, you have to first create your brand.
9. IT industry The industry is committed to providing quality IT Products, This industry also acquires the whole world in the near future where everyone will depend to use this industry product.
10.Trade The trade services like Wholesale Trade and Retail Trade gives a lot of profit. This industry gives the way to trade products and goods from one place to another place.

After reading this industry scope you think from yourself which industry fits best for you. And start working.