Top 10 highest paying Jobs to make a Career in IT Industry

As the IT experts say this is the era of IT Industry. There are a lot of investments is done by Individual Company, Organization and Government as well. So if you want to make a career in this industry that Great! Without any, you choose this industry, surely your probability of getting success is more. In this article, I am going to show you the highest paying Jobs, this may help you choose your career.

Highest Paying Jobs  Career Opportunity
 1. Software Architect Software architect is responsible for creating and construct the overall architecture and skeleton of the software program. So it is expected to solve major software problems.
2. Mobile Application Developer In this modern world, smartphones and tablets continue to change the way we communicate, do business, and accessing news & entertainment. That’s why the demand for mobile apps is growing at an incredible speed.
3. Software Engineer The main works of Software engineers is to designs, develops, test, and optimize the computer programs used in areas such as operating systems, business applications, Software engineers design, develop, test, and optimize computer programs which is used in areas such as operating systems, business applications, video games, social networks, video games, and network control systems.
4. Web Developer  Web developers mainly design web pages and websites using programming languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and various other languages.
 5. Data Scientist The data scientist specialist mainly gathers process and analyze the data for the further decision of the individual, company, and decisions.
 6. Information Security Analyst  The main jobs of Information security analysts are to develop and implement security to protect vital information from cyber warfare.
 7. Cloud Solutions Architect  Cloud solutions architects deal with the online cloud based storage and access of data. Cloud architect is responsible for the management of all the data related to the company and organization.
 8. Systems administrators The system administrator should demonstrate strong problem-solving, communication and analytical skills.
 9. Analytics manager Analytics manager is responsible for making effective strategies and further plan by using collected data and analyze information for products and services.
 10. Hardware Engineer Hardware engineers is responsible for all types of hardware related to computer users within the company or organization.