The 10 best fat burning foods

Everything access is dangerous,In the same way access of fat in the body is dangerous.To keep your body healthy wealthy and well, you have to maintain your fat as normal.So here is some top fat burning techniques which you should follow.

Food Benefits
1. Fatty Fish Fish is a great option to help build muscle and keep you full of energy.
2. Dark leafy greens Green leaf helps you maximize your workout by building your muscle and at the same time your fat will burn out.
3. Green Tea Take a cup of green tea in the morning for detoxification and melting the fat.
4. Whey Protein Increases muscle growth and boost metabolism more effectively.
5. Avocados Avocados is a good food for fat lose, But you have to take it in moderate.
6. Turmeric Turmeric helps to lower inflammation and it prevent growth of fat tissue.
7. Jerusalem Artichokes This is a root vegetables and is high in insulin. And it also promotes good bacteria in your body.
8. Kale Increase your metabolism and reduce fat.
9.Guacamole A scoop of guacamole is one of the best effective way to burn fat.
10. Black Beans This help to burn fat by making metabolic activity faster.

Along with all the above facts you have to do yoga and meditation properly.And also you have to play external games like football, cricket etc.